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City of Albany receives $3.9 million minority health grant

ALBANY — The city of Albany was awarded a $3.9 million grant from Health and Human Services and the Office of Minority Health to reduce COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in specific regions of Albany

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'The next public health disaster in the making': Studies …

Yet with vast numbers of people having had Covid-19, and estimates ranging from 7.7 million to 23 million long Covid patients in the US alone, researchers say it …

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Health departments apply lessons learned from Covid to …

1 day ago · KHN (Kaiser Health News) is a national newsroom that produces in-depth journalism about health issues. Together with Policy Analysis and Polling, KHN is one of the three major operating programs

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Mental health policy priorities focus on access, workforce, …

The Georgia Mental Health Policy Partnership, a coalition of more than 50 groups, released a new set of policy recommendations during a news conference at the state Capitol.

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'Help is on the way': FDA finalizes rule that should usher …

2 hours ago · The US Food and Drug Administration announced on August 16 it has finalized a rule allowing people over the age of 18 with mild to moderate hearing impairment to be able to purchase hearing aids

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Public health leaders say Biden administration's …

The limited supply of monkeypox vaccines in the US has led to hours-long waits and lines that stretch for blocks, according to officials with state and local public health groups;

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What should people know about Paxlovid rebound

After being diagnosed with Covid-19 last month, President Joe Biden recently tested negative for the coronavirus, only to test positive again a …

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'Silent' spread of polio in New York drives CDC to …

A sign guides drivers to a vaccine clinic at the Rockland County health department, in Pomona, New York, on July 22. New York Health officials are offering pop-up polio vaccinations and urging the

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This doctor reversed heart disease. Now he wants to do it …

In 1990, internal medicine specialist Dr. Dean Ornish did what no other doctor had been able to do: He published results of a randomized clinical trial that used advanced imagery

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Why calling monkeypox an STD is about more than just a …

13 hours ago · A hallmark of the ongoing monkeypox outbreak is that most cases have been linked to sexual activity, and this has prompted some debate around whether to …

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Feds deny Gov. Brian Kemp’s health insurance marketplace waiver

0. ATLANTA — The federal agency in charge of Medicaid Tuesday denied Georgia’s application for a waiver to set up the state’s own health insurance marketplace. The waiver program was a

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Two Georgia health systems to receive $300M in federal funds

Shutterstock. (The Center Square) — The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is sending more than $300 million to help Georgia bolster health programs at the Grady and Augusta University

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Feds deny Georgia's health insurance marketplace waiver

ATLANTA — The federal agency in charge of Medicaid has denied Georgia’s application for a waiver to set up the state’s own health insurance marketplace. The waiver program was a cornerstone

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How to avoid soft tissue injuries, according to experts Health

It's also important to acclimate your body slowly to a given activity. "The only proven way to reduce your risk of repetitive soft tissue injury …

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Poliovirus detected in wastewater samples in New York City, health

Poliovirus has been detected in wastewater samples in New York City, health officials say. Pictured is the Polio vaccine at an immunization …

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Biden signs Inflation Reduction Act into law News

14 hours ago · President Joe Biden signed a sweeping $750 billion health care, tax and climate bill into law at the White House on Tuesday -- marking a major victory for his administration and the Democratic

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Access to experimental monkeypox treatment remains uneven, …

A drug is available for monkeypox patients who have or who are at risk of severe disease, but doctors say they continue to face challenges getting access to it. The US Food and Drug Administration

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Salman Rushdie recovering from 'life changing' injuries after he …

1 day ago · Famed author Salman Rushdie is recovering at a hospital after he was repeatedly stabbed on stage Friday in front of a New York audience in an attack that left him with severe injuries, his family

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What is monkeypox, and how can you stay safe as it spreads

WHO has declared the outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, but the Biden administration has not issued its own public health emergency declaration. Monkeypox is a poxvirus

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Highest and lowest paying health care jobs in Valdosta

Valdosta, GA - Annual mean salary: $28,140 - #384 highest pay among all metros - Employment: 270. National - Annual mean salary: $36,450 - Employment: 415,310

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Suspect in Salman Rushdie attack pleads not guilty to second …

The man suspected of stabbing renowned author Salman Rushdie in western New York pleaded not guilty Saturday to attempted murder in the second degree and other charges, his attorney says.

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Residents urged to kill invasive spotted lanternflies swarming …

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture has signed a campaign called "Join the battle, Beat the Bug, Stomp it Out, Stop the Spotted Lanternfly." "While it does not harm humans or animals, it can

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