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Curofone ® Health Monitoring Devices. made for your care ! Health Monitoring Devices & Apps to keep track of your health vitals – from the comfort of your home! Get Your Free Demo Today. Smart, Medical Grade & App Integrated Devices : Enabling Vitals Measurement at home & Health Reporting to your Doctor. iOS and Android compatible app.

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Monitor your health at home with Curofone

Curofone Health Monitoring Devices CuroMe: Cardiac Health Monitor. It is a portable, all-in-one vital signs monitor to track heart health anytime, anywhere. It comes with our CardioCare Healthcare Plan. …

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5 Health Monitoring Tools Every Home Should Have Curofone

Yes, you read it right. CuroMe Health Monitor by Curofone is a 5-in-1 device that lets you monitor your health vitals such as ECG, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, SpO2 and Temperature. This patient …

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BP Machine on Rent Curome Vital Monitoring Device

In the past, tracking health vitals was a tedious task that required a lot of time, effort, and clinic visits. Nowadays, with the help of CuroMe’s Multi-User features, it has become easy for people …

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Health monitoring improves patient care management Curofone

The health monitoring devices are easy, portable, and accessible. People can check their health vitals at home- when they are relaxing; without hampering their daily routine. It is what makes their healthcare …

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CuroMe Cardiac Monitor: Track your Heart Health easily at home

Similarly, if you are someone who is health-conscious and want to avoid cardiac problems in future, CuroMe is the one reliable healthcare assistance you need. For Doctors, recommending CuroMe for …

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7 Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Remote health monitoring devices help doctors decide on a better course of treatment. The devices provide them with data on the patient’s condition. They can then use this data to make decisions …

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CuroMe Cardiac Monitor: Track your Heart Health easily at home

Thanks to the advancement in patient monitoring technology, you can now monitor the health vitals at home. At Curofone, we provide a comprehensive CardioCare plan where you get ‘CuroMe Health …

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Read our blogs on cardiac health, patient monitoring devices

Read our blogs on cardiac health, patient monitoring devices, wellness and more. Curofone is one of the best health care device providers. [email protected] +91 …

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Know Your Heart: Numbers you must keep track of Curofone

Well, it’s your health vitals such as Blood Pressure, ECG, Heart Rate, SpO2, and more. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go for a medical examination every time to find out. Health vitals signs monitor – …

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Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in India Curofone

Keep a track of your heart health regularly at home using the professional CuroMe Cardiac monitor. Curofone CardioCare is a premium healthcare service from your doctor to help you maintain and …

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How to choose a Heart Rate Monitor for ECG Monitoring

The Bottom Line. Your search for the best heart rate monitor in India can end by simply choosing CuroMe Health Monitor. As we discussed, it is a 5-in-1 health monitoring device that lets a user check their …

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Digital ECG, ECG at home Curo BP+ Curofone

Health Tracking with Curofone™ mobile app: This advanced, Bluetooth enabled Health Monitor automatically syncs data with the Curofone telemedicine app. Your doctor can access all your medical …

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Digital BP monitor Health Tracking App Curofone

With the CuroMe health monitor I could instantly measure my BP along with my ECG recording and share the measurement to my Gynaec. My Dr was easily able to see my vitals & also immediately …

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Importance of Second Opinion in making better health decisions

This is why we have made taking a second opinion simple for all. You can connect to the leading cardiologists in Pune via the Curofone app for an online health consultation. It is a teleconsultation …

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Why Heart Monitoring Is Important Heart rate monitor India

A leading provider of Cardiac Health Monitor Plans and Devices and learn ways to effectively manage your cardiac health heart rate monitor India at home. Curofone. [email protected] +91 …

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Benefits of Telemedicine Apps for Doctors Curofone

Telehealth Platforms like Curofone can help with everything from managing online appointments to sharing e-prescriptions, secure Video Calls and accessing patient health vitals results in real-time. …

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Top 7 Reasons to Try Teleconsultation Curofone App

This allows patients to get an online health consultation at the right time. According to a recent report by Praxis Global Alliance, the market for online doctor consultations will reach $800 million by 2024, …

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ECG machine on rent Heart Rate Monitor India Curofone

Patients can also teleconsult with their doctor via this app, making it a complete, hassle-free solution to manage their health at home CuroOxy Pulse Oximeter Accurate Fingertip Pulse oximeter measures …

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