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Featured. 53. Interviewing. How to Answer "Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?" When Natalia Autenrieth. Workplace & Health.

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Have You Dug Yourself into a Conversational Pit

Have You Dug Yourself into a Conversational Pit? Use THIS Phrase to Save the Day (and The Interview)

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How to Write a Modern Resume in 2021 Career Advice

These two sections of the resume have been removed to include more comprehensive content, including a career summary and an Areas of Expertise section. First, it's imperative to insert a …

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13 of the Smartest Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager

Ask what first attracted the hiring manager to this company and what the career progression has been like. 11. Do you have the tools and resources to do your job well? Asking this question in …

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The Importance of Networking Career Advice

Networking involves the use of business contacts to acquire advice, information and referrals when job hunting. Your contacts will range from close friends to professionals that you met …

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4 Things You Forgot to Include on Your Resume Career Advice

Community Engagement. In addition to your professional experiences, consider adding volunteerism and community involvement to your resume. Being involved in your community …

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How Job Searchers Can Use Social Media to Their Advantage

LinkedIn serves as a great accompaniment to a resume. Users can provide detailed information in LinkedIn without having to adhere to resume etiquette, e.g. trying to fit everything into two …

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How Do I Answer the "Tell Me about Yourself" Question in a Job

Give them the highlights with enough detail that ideally the interviewer will be able to ask several follow-up questions about what you have discussed so far. You probably want to talk for no …

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How To Create an Elevator Pitch for Your Job Search

Yudy Pineiro's professional writing experience began in 2003 with internships in Miami's NBC6 and The New York Times. Later that year, Yudy was hired as a full-time

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5 Ways to Effectively Work with Recruiters Career Advice

Provide feedback. It will be very helpful for your recruiter if you give them prompt, professional and candid feedback. Again, this goes back to the overwhelming volume of information that …

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Resume Tricks That Don't Work Career Advice

Adding a keyword section to highlight your specific skill set is a great way to ensure that your resume will make it past an ATS; it can also make sure that a hiring manager can easily locate …

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What is the Right Way to Follow up After Sending in My Resume

Employers love people who are professionally persistent. So when you get the hiring manager on the phone after you submitted your resume, what you want to say is: "Hi, I'm (your name), you …

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How Do I Expand My Network

Knowing where to look to find networking groups. First place to check - meetup.com. Depending on where you live, there are a variety of activities and groups posted that do everything from …

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How to Answer "What Are 5 Things I Must Do Before a Job …

Lastly, prepare answers to the following questions: Tell me about yourself, Why did you leave your last position, or why are you looking for a new job, Why should I hire you, and The Salary …

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How to Pass the 6-Second Resume Test Career Advice

It may even cause your resume to not pass the ATS resume test. Instead, decrease your top margin on the document to 0.5 inches and place your name, contact information, and …

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