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Healthline: Medical information and health advice you …

At Healthline, we set high standards of quality, research, and transparency for what we share, ensuring you have access to nothing but the best. Here's how: To ensure accuracy, each of …

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Top Health News: Technology, Mental Health and More

Health News Healthline News reports on emerging research, new treatments, diet, exercise, and trending topics in health and wellness. All articles are written by our network of …

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Healthline Nutrition — Healthy Eating in Real Life

Evidence-based, expert articles about healthy eating in real life: cooking & meal prep, diets, weight management, supplements, condition-based eating, and more.

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Women’s Health Information: Everything You Need to Know

Other known risks to health include drugs and alcohol. For women, a moderate amount of alcohol is 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or about 1 ounce of spirits each day. One five-ounce glass of

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50 Foods That Are Super Healthy

Studies show that almonds can contribute to weight loss and improve metabolic health . 12. Chia seeds. Chia seeds are among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. A single ounce (28 grams

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Food & Nutrition

Food and nutrition are the way that we get fuel, providing energy for our bodies. We need to replace nutrients in our bodies with a new supply every day. Water is an important component of

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Symptoms, Treatment & More

In comparison, about 1.61 percent of those with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the United States have died as of October 7, 2021. The flu and COVID-19 share many of the same symptoms. Common flu

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Healthy Relationships: 32 Signs, Tips, Red Flags, and More

One key characteristic of healthy, long-term love is curiosity. This means you’re interested in their thoughts, goals, and daily life. You want …

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High Blood Pressure (Hypertension): Symptoms and More

Blood pressure in this range requires urgent medical attention. If any symptoms like chest pain, headache, shortness of breath, or visual changes occur when blood pressure is this high, medical

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Salmon: Nutrition, Health Benefits, and More

Salmon contains nutrients like astaxanthin, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which could help promote eye health. 13. Could …

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28 Health and Nutrition Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based

Here are 27 health and nutrition tips that are based on scientific evidence. Share on Pinterest. Guille Faingold/Stocksy United. 1. Limit …

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How Being Happy Makes You Healthier

Being happy promotes a range of lifestyle habits that are important for overall health. Happy people tend to eat healthier diets, with higher intakes of fruits, vegetables and whole grains ( 1

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Directory Health Topics

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HIV and AIDS: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, and More

With the use of antiretroviral therapy, a person can maintain a chronic HIV diagnosis without developing AIDS for decades. Symptoms of AIDS can include: recurrent fever. chronic swollen lymph

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How Diet and Nutrition Play a Role in Pompe Disease Treatment

Treatment. Protein. Exercise and diet. Chewing and swallowing. Takeaway. Pompe disease is a rare metabolic disorder. It’s marked by a deficiency in lysosomal alpha-glucosidase. Your body needs

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7 Signs of an Unhealthy Gut and 7 Ways to Improve Gut Health

Here are seven of the most common signs: 1. Upset stomach. Stomach disturbances like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn can all be signs of an unhealthy gut. A balanced gut will

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Health Awareness Days in 2021

National “Wear Red” Day for women’s heart health (Feb. 5) with the American Heart Association. Give Kids a Smile Day (Feb. 5) with the American Dental Association. National Black HIV/AIDS

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Fever: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Some possible causes include: infections, including the flu and pneumonia. some immunizations, such as diphtheria or tetanus (in children) teething …

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Men's Health: Everything You Need to Know

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among American men. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to prevent heart disease and keep your ticker strong. It can also help you improve and

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Worried Sick: Health Anxiety and the Do-I-Have-This Disorder

According to a 2009 article, hypochondriasis and health anxiety are technically the same. It’s just more recognized as being the anxiety disorder it is, rather than one resistant to

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Parasitic Gastroenteritis: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention

fatigue. low blood pressure. low grade fever. weight loss, particularly in cases that last 2 to 4 weeks. It’s best to contact a doctor right away if …

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10 Important Blood Tests: What They Show, Why They're Done, …

blood cancer. infection. immune system disorders. Based on your results, your doctor will order follow-up tests to confirm abnormal levels and a possible diagnosis. 2. Basic metabolic panel. A

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9 Tips to Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally

3. Eat more healthy fats. Healthy fats, like those found in olive oil and salmon, may boost your body’s immune response to pathogens by …

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The Benefits of Vitamin E

Trusted Source. ). Because vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body, studies have shown that supplementing with high doses of it can reduce markers of oxidative stress and boost

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How Coffee Affects Cholesterol in Men, Women

Six or more cups of plunger coffee per day was also associated with raised cholesterol in both men and women: 0.30 mmol/l higher among women versus 0.23 mmol/l higher among men. Six or more cups

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Alzheimer's Vaccine: In Development, Clinical Trials, and Availability

This is still an active area of research. Several Alzheimer’s vaccines are currently in various phases of clinical trials. If any are found to …

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Mental Health Spotlight: Celebrating Pride

For LGBTQIA+ community members who face discrimination and social isolation, Pride events offer important opportunities for connection, support, and belonging. This may bring mental health

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7 Science-Based Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

Here are 7 evidence-based health benefits of drinking plenty of water. Share on Pinterest. 1. Helps maximize physical performance. If you don’t stay hydrated, your physical performance can

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Paving My Own Way in the LGBTQIA+ Community: Tucker’s Story

Design by Jess Murphy; photography courtesy of Tucker Gaccione. Growing up in the rural New Jersey town of Whitehouse Station, I didn’t necessarily feel a connection to the LGBTQIA+ community in

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Why Is the Sentinel Lymph Node Important in Cancer Staging

A sentinel lymph node is the first lymph node that cancer spreads to after its primary location. The mapping and biopsy of these lymph nodes is an important part of cancer staging and treatment.

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Supporting a Parent with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Keep a list of their care team’s key contacts on you at all times, and make sure all members of their care team have your contact information as well. 5. Help connect them with other resources

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Autistic People Can Drive: Here's What They Need to Know

challenges with concentrating on own driving while paying attention to what other drivers are doing on the road. slower detection time for road hazards. being easily distracted. becoming too bound

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28 Healthy Heart Tips

Knit a scarf. Put your hands to work to help your mind unwind. Engaging in activities such as knitting, sewing, and crocheting can help relieve stress and do your ticker some good. Other relaxing

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Masturbation: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Myths, FAQs

In addition to providing pleasure, masturbation can benefit your health and well-being by helping you achieve better sleep, better mood, and stress relief, among other benefits. Masturbation is a

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Fatigue: Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment & More

Fatigue is a term used to describe an overall feeling of tiredness or a lack of energy. Learn about over 30 possible causes, from stress to taking certain medications. Find out ways you can boost

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11 Multivitamins for Women’s Health to Try in 2022

Best gluten-free women’s multivitamin: Garden of Life Vitamin Code Women. Best women’s multivitamin for athletes: Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women. Best prenatal multivitamin: FullWell Prenatal

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