Health Problems at School

There is wide variation in the health services offered by schools. For instance: In some schools there is a full-time certified school nurse who spends most of his or her day attending to the acute and chronic health needs of students. He or she handles acute health problems, administers medica­tions, and performs health assessments and

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Poverty and Child Health

Consequences of Poverty on Child Health . Children from poor families or neighborhoods are more likely than other children to have serious health problems. Low birth weight . Poor nutrition and smoking during pregnancy are common causes of low birth weight.

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Common Health Problems at College

Visit the student health service if your pain or swelling does not get better in 1 to 2 days or if you are unable to put any weight on the injured area. Prevention: Being physically active is a great way to stay healthy, but be smart and avoid injuries by Using the right safety gear (such as pads and helmets). Warming up and cooling down.

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Teaching Health Education in School

Teaching Health Education in School. Many parents are keenly interested in the basic academic education of their youngsters—reading, writing, and arithmetic—but are not nearly as conscientious in finding out about the other learning that goes on in the classroom. A comprehensive health education pro­gram is an important part of the

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Post-COVID Conditions in Children and Teens

Your pediatrician can check your child for signs of depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns, and advise when your child may need more support. Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children ( MIS-C ) is a rare complication that typically happens 2 to …

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COVID-19 Vaccine Checklist for Kids Age 5 and Up

COVID-19 virus is still spreading. That's why getting the vaccine is the best thing to do for your child's health. It also helps make sure that your kids can keep attending school and other activities that are so important for their physical and mental health. Finally, it's the kids' turn

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Common Symptoms of Hyperactivity/Impulsivity

The information contained on this Web site should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your pediatrician. There may be variations in treatment that your pediatrician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.

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Cómo localizar a un pediatra cuando está de viaje

Kids Health Partners 9631 Gross Point Road Skokie, IL 60076 847-677-7250 . Rachel Goodman, M.D. Elm Street Pediatrics 716 Elm Street Winnetka, IL 60093 847-501-4040 Pediatric Partners, SC 767 Park Ave. West Suite 230 Highland Park, IL 60035. 870 West End Ct. Suite 205 Vernon Hills, IL 60061 www.pediatricpartnerssc

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10 Common Childhood Illnesses and Their Treatments

Health Issues Listen. Español. Text Size. 10 Common Childhood Illnesses and Their Treatments All children deserve high-quality medical care. As a parent, it is important to be aware of the most up-to-date treatment guidelines so you can be sure your child is getting the best care possible. The following information from the American Academy of

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Staying Safe in School During COVID-19

Behavioral health and emotional support. More than 140,000 children have experienced the death of a primary or secondary caregiver during the COVID-19 pandemic, with children of color disproportionately impacted. Your child's school should be prepared to support a wide range of mental health needs during the pandemic. This includes recognizing

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Mental Health Care: Who's Who

Mental Health Counselor: Master’s degree and several years of supervised clinical work experience. Marital and Family Therapist: Master’s degree, with special education and training in marital and family therapy. May also have a doctorate degree. Psychiatric Nurse: Registered nurse (R.N.) with specialized training in psychological disorders.

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Caring for Children in Foster Care During COVID-19

Many mental health providers are doing virtual visits by phone or video. You can also reach out to your foster care agency for help and support. Have a back-up plan. Have a plan in place for who will take care of your child in the event of illness, quarantine, or isolation. Be sure to also communicate with your foster care agency to make sure

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Clinical Trials: One Family’s Experience During COVID-19

By: Richard Chung, MD, FAAP. I'm the father of two boys—13 and 8—and an adolescent medicine specialist at Duke Health in North Carolina. I'd like to share my thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic, and safe and effective vaccines to protect children and teens, from my perspective as a pediatrician and a parent. As the coronavirus spread across the country, I became increasingly alarmed.

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How to protect children too young for COVID-19 vaccines. Tips here. Toy Buying in a Digital Age. It can be overwhelming when trying to select appropriate toys for little ones. Find tips here. COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs. The science behind the vaccines & how they protect families. Learn more. Teen Sleep Troubles.

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Injuries & Emergencies

Injuries & Emergencies. A true emergency is when you believe a severe injury or illness is threatening your child's life or may cause permanent harm. In these cases, a child needs emergency medical treatment immediately. Discuss with your child's pediatrician in advance what you should do …

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Taking Care of Your Mental Health at College

Taking Care of Your Mental Health at College. Starting college can be stressful. You may be away from home for the first time. Maybe you miss your family and friends. And it may take you time to adjust to new surroundings, new teachers, and new friends. All these things can …

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Diabetes in Children

Health Issues Listen. Español. Text Size. Diabetes in Children Diabetes mellitus is a chronic medical condition that causes problems with the body's ability to change food--especially sugars (carbohydrates)--into fuel for the body. High blood glucose from not properly treating the diabetes can damage the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, eyes and

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Sexually Transmitted Infections Prevention

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections that are spread by sexual contact. While the incidence of reported STIs has actually declined in the United States in the last decade, the number of these infections in children and teenagers is still very high. About 25% of teenagers will have an STI before they graduate from high school.

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Understanding Childhood Fears and Anxieties

Fears are Common: According to one study, 43% of children between ages 6 and 12 had many fears and concerns. A fear of darkness, particularly being left alone in the dark, is one of the most common fears in this age group. So is a fear of animals, such as large barking dogs. Some children are afraid of fires, high places or thunderstorms.

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Halloween Health & Safety Tips

Halloween Health & Safety Tips Keep these tips in mind to help ensure your children have a healthy and safe Halloween. Costumes. Plan costumes that are bright and reflective. Consider adding reflective tape or striping to costumes and trick-or-treat bags for greater visibility. Make sure that

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Overview of Infectious Diseases

Health Issues Listen. Español. Text Size. Overview of Infectious Diseases. I nfectious diseases are illnesses caused by germs (microbes). It is important to realize that not all germs (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites) cause disease. In fact, a host of bacteria normally live on the skin, eyelids, nose, and mouth and in the gut.

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Ask the Pediatrician: COVID-19 Roundup

For reliable, evidence-based information, turn to your child's doctor. Pediatricians just like yours have dedicated their time to answer parents' most pressing questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. Whether your child is a toddler or a teen, you will find credible information that you can trust right here from pediatricians about COVID-19.

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Getting Children & Teens Outside While Physical Distancing

Health Issues Listen. Español. Text Size. Getting Children & Teens Outside While Physical Distancing for COVID-19 by: Danette Glassy, MD, FAAP & Pooja Tandon, MD, FAAP Getting outside as a family is a great way to spend time together.

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Stages of Adolescence

What is an Adolescent Health Specialist? Concerns Girls Have About Puberty. Concerns Boys Have About Puberty. About Dr. Allen: Brittany Allen, MD, FAAP, is a board-certified general pediatrician and provides specialty care to transgender and gender nonconforming youth.

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Teens & COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities During the

This can leave them more likely to experiment with risky behaviors. Be sure to talk with your teen about how this is an especially important time to avoid vaping and smoking, for example. Experts warn these habits may harm lung health and immune function, potentially …

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How Learning Problems are Managed

Meetings, typically sponsored by patient-support organizations, hospitals and other health-related agencies, are often more productive when they’re led by a social worker, nurse or other health-care professional. Members take away the knowledge that they are not alone—always comforting—as well as practical advice, referrals to specialists

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Myopia (Nearsightedness) in Children

Myopia (Nearsightedness) in Children. Myopia, or nearsighted- ness, is a common vision problem that often begins between the ages of 6 and 14. It affects up to 5% of preschoolers, about 9% of school aged children, and nearly 30% of adolescents. Children are more likely to …

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How Your Pediatrician is Paid: Coding Information for

Processing the claim: After the coding is completed by your pediatrician's office, a bill (claim) is sent to the payer (s). For families with health insurance, the claim would be sent to the insurance plan. The insurance plan will review the claim (called claims processing) and assess it based on your specific benefits' coverage.

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Preschool Parenting

Eat meals together as a family at the same time every day. If this doesn’t seem doable, set a goal of eating together at least 3 times a week. Eat breakfast every day. Put your child to bed at the same time every night. Set up a regular, soothing routine to help her wind down before bed.

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Treating Eating Disorders

Genetics: Mental health researchers are studying the various combinations of genes to determine if any DNA variations are associated with the risk of developing a mental disorder. Neuroimaging: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), for example, may also lead to a better understanding of eating disorders. Neuroimaging already is used to identify

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Living with a Chronic Illness or Disability

Youth should help develop a shared medical summary and emergency care plan with their health care providers and develop linkages to any needed community-based supports. Parent and youth should also begin to address issues of legal decision-making and guardianship as appropriate with their providers starting at age 16 years of age.

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Mental Health Problems

This is a 24/7 substance abuse and mental health referral line. They can give you local treatment choices and numbers for support groups. Mental Health Helpline: 1-800-950-6264. This is an information and referral source for finding local mental health programs. Postpartum Depression Helpline: 1 …

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Body-Mass Index (BMI) in Children

How does BMI affect health risks? Obesity is a serious health concern that can put children at risk for complications that can affect their health in the short- and long-term. Scientists have found obesity to be a risk factor for severe illness with COVID-19 infection, for example. It can raise the risk for problems such as diabetes , hypertension, chronic joint pain, sleep apnea, and

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How to Practice Gratitude & Improve Your Family’s Mental

COVID-19 has created new and unexpected challenges for parents and children, impacting social, emotional, and mental well-being. For a boost to your family’s overall health and wellness, taking steps to practicing gratitude can help. Find tips here.

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Rhinovirus Infections

Rhinovirus ( rhin means "nose") infections cause the common cold. Rhinoviruses may also cause some sore throats, ear infections, and infections of the sinuses (openings in the bone near the nose and eyes). They may also cause pneumonia and bronchiolitis, but this is less common. Most children have about 8 to 10 colds during the first 2 years of

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Trauma-Informed Care: Core Mission in Child Health Systems

Trauma-Informed Care: Core Mission in Child Health Systems. When children lack safe, stable, and nurturing relationships, their response to stress over time can result in lifelong physical, mental, and relational health challenges. An American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy statement, "Trauma-Informed Care in Child Health Systems," and

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Mental Health During COVID-19: Signs Your Child May Need

Since the start of the pandemic, hospitals have seen more mental health emergencies among kids. Between March and October 2020, the percentage of emergency department visits for children with mental health emergencies rose by 24% for children ages 5-11 and 31% for children ages 12-17.

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Smoking Hurts Everyone

Smoking Harms Teens. 90% of smokers start before age 18. About one-third of them will die of a smoking-related disease. Other teen smokers may experience the same health problems as adult smokers, including: Addiction to nicotine. Long-term cough. Faster heart rate. …

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