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Measuring physical fitness

Top 4 things you can do to stay healthy. If you are a smoker, stop smoking. If you're overweight or obese, lose weight. For overweight or obese …

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10 easy steps to a healthier gut

2. Eat fibre-rich foods. The fibre in some (but not all) high-fibre foods contains prebiotics, which ‘feed’ the beneficial bacteria that live in your gut. Foods that contain these very beneficial prebiotics include beans, legumes, artichokes and Brussels sprouts. “Fibre is the Holy Grail nutrient,” stresses Rossi.

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Expert health advice

Advice. Our team of experts bring you evidence-based health advice you can trust, covering everything from food and nutrients, specific health and medical topics to exercise, weight loss, diet trends and mental health. ADVICE.

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Health check chart

Health check chart. Save to favs. Favs List. Print and fill out this handy chart each week to keep track of your daily intake of standard alcoholic drinks, number of hours’ sleep, minutes of exercise, and the amount of fluid you consume. DOWNLOAD - Health check chart. Author: Healthy Food Guide staff.

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3 ways to lower cholesterol naturally

Soluble fibre, in particular, supports heart health, because it binds to cholesterol in your body which, again, reduces its absorption. Beta-glucan is a special type of soluble fibre that is particularly effective in lowering cholesterol. One of the best sources of beta-glucan is the humble rolled oat – and research has shown that regularly

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The health benefits of fermented foods

For decades fermentation was used to preserve foods, enhance shelf life, and improve flavour. But many people are not aware about the health benefits of fermented food. Fermented foods are generally defined as “foods or beverages produced through controlled microbial growth, and the conversion of food components through enzymatic action”. That …

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Is Weet-Bix healthy

Two Weet-Bix with a cup of skim/trim milk provides 834kJ (199cal), 13.6g protein, 32.6g carbs, 13.3g sugars (almost all from the milk) and 3g fibre. This is too light on its own for breakfast – doubling it would be better. …

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10 ways to reset your gut health

Top 5 gut-friendly foods. Add these foods to your daily diet to boost your gut health! Wholegrain breads and cereals barley, oats, rye, buckwheat, wild rice. Fermented dairy foods: kefir, yoghurt, cheese. Legumes: beans, chickpeas, lentils. Fruit and vegetables: colourful, high-fibre produce with skin on like bananas, berries, sweet potato

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Prawn puttanesca

1 Cook pasta according to packet instructions. Drain. 2 Meanwhile, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Add prawns and cook, stirring, for 3 minutes or until just pink. Transfer to a plate. Add celery, fresh tomatoes …

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7-day low-cost meal planner

7-day low-cost meal planner. Enjoy a week of healthy dinners that don’t break the bank, with our seven-day low-cost meal planner. Simply save it to your ‘favourites‘ and click ‘Create a shopping list’, then hit the supermarket. Save all recipes to favs. ';

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Exercise and fitness

Kick-start exercise plan: Weeks five to eight. Start small steps to increase your fitness with this fun

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3 reasons to love salmon (including canned)

Three reasons to love salmon. There are many things to love about salmon, but here are three of the best: 1. This oily fish is packed with essential brain and heart-boosting omega-3 fatty acids that offer a variety of health benefits, including helping to manage symptoms of inflammatory diseases, and improving cognitive function. 2.

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Could the Nordic diet be the new Mediterranean diet

One of the latest is the Nordic diet, which some claim could be better for your health than the Mediterranean diet. And research is starting to suggest it could at least have some similar benefits. The Nordic diet is based on the traditional foods available in Nordic countries. The core foods it comprises are whole grains (particularly rye

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Health advice you can trust

The key to good health is good nutrition, so Healthy Food Guide (HFG) is your complete guide to healthy eating and getting the best nutrition. We don’t believe in diets. We do believe in healthy eating every day. There are many ways to achieve this, and different approaches work for different people. Changes to healthier eating should be

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