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Health definition of health by Medical dictionary

health as expanding consciousness a conceptual model of nursing formulated by Margaret A. newman which offers a paradigm based on the view of health as the undivided wholeness of the person in interaction with the environment. The four key concepts of her model are consciousness, movement, space, and time. Consciousness is defined as the informational …

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Health plan definition of health plan by Medical dictionary

health plan: Health benefits package Managed care Any plan or organized format for delivering health care services–eg, HMO, indemnity, medigap, preferred …

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Home health care definition of home health care by …

home health care services provided by a certified agency using an interdisciplinary team to meet the needs of patients being cared for in out-of-hospital settings such as private homes, boarding homes, hospices, shelters, and so on. Caregivers include professional and practical nurses, nursing assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other …

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Health status definition of health status by Medical …

GAO examined (1) MA plan benefit packages by average health status of plans' enrolled beneficiaries, (2) distribution and characteristics of MA plans by average beneficiary health status, and (3) CMS's process for ensuring that benefit packages do not discriminate with respect to health status.

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Health care provider definition of health care

health care provider: any individual, institution, or agency that provides health services to health care consumers.

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Health fraud definition of health fraud by Medical …

health fraud: A generic healthcare term for: (1) Financial swindling in any form committed against a third-party payer of healthcare (43% of health fraud is in the form of services not rendered, 33% for fraudulent diagnoses); or (2) Deceit for profit, including false representation of efficacy and concealment of adverse effects of medications

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EPI definition of EPI by Medical dictionary

All patients, aged 35-75 years, with a body mass index (BMI) between 30-50 and an American Society of Anesthesiology classification of I-III, were randomly divided into propofol group (group Pro), propofol combined with epidural anesthesia (group Pro+Epi), isoflurane group (group Iso) and isoflurane combined with epidural anesthesia group (group Iso+ Epi), 20 patients in each …

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Anion gap definition of anion gap by Medical dictionary

anion gap: [ gap ] an opening or hiatus. anion gap the concentration of plasma anions not routinely measured by laboratory screening, accounting for the difference between the routinely measured anions and cations and equal to the plasma sodium − (chloride + bicarbonate); used in the evaluation of acid-base disorders. auscultatory gap a period

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Rivaroxaban definition of rivaroxaban by Medical …

Spyropoulos, M.D., from Northwell Health at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, and colleagues randomized 12,024 medically ill patients who were at increased risk for venous thromboembolism (based on a modified International Medical Prevention Registry on Venous Thromboembolism score ≥4 or a score of 2 or 3 plus a plasma D-dimer level of more than twice the upper limit of …

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Catastrophizing definition of catastrophizing by

catastrophizing: (kă-tăs′trō-fī-zĭng) Exaggerated focus on perceived failures in one's past, present, or future; associated with mood disorders, especially depression, and chronic pain.

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Choledocho- definition of choledocho- by Medical dictionary

choledocho-: , choledoch- ( kō-led'ō-kō, kō'lē-dok ), The ductus choledochus (the common bile duct). [G. cholēdochos, containing bile, fr. cholē, bile

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Health education definition of health education by Medical …

education [ed-u-ka´shun] 1. the process of sharing knowledge. 2. the gaining of knowledge. health education see health education. parent education: adolescent in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as assisting parents to understand and help their adolescent children. parent education: childrearing family in the

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Friction rub definition of friction rub by Medical dictionary

friction rub: [ rub ] 1. to move something over a surface with friction. 2. the action of such movement. 3. friction rub. friction rub an auscultatory sound caused by the rubbing together of two serous surfaces, as in pericardial rub ; called also rub . pericardial rub ( pericardial friction rub ) a scraping or grating noise heard with the

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