The top 10 benefits of eating healthy

Difference Between Health and Wellness

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What is health inequity

Health inequity refers to avoidable differences in health between different groups of people. These widespread differences are the result of unfair systems that negatively affect people’s living

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Speech therapy: For adults, kids, and how it works

Several studies show speech therapy is an effective method for helping children and adults develop their communication skills. One study of over 700 children with speech or language difficulties

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Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: Comparison, costs, and …

Medicare is a federalhealth insurance program for people aged 65 years and older, as well as peoplewith certain health conditions and …

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Vitamins and lung health Medical News Today

Vitamins and lung health. Some vitamins claim to benefit the lungs. The British Lung Foundation (BLF) notes that all adults, including individuals with COPD or bronchiectasis, can take vitamin D

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The most effective health messages

When writing a health message, rather than appealing to the sentiment of the experts, the message will be more effective if it's presented positively. The …

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How quickly does protection wane after the Pfizer COVID-19

The researchers gathered medical records from Leumit Health Services, a large healthcare provider in Israel that serves 700,000 people throughout the country.. For their analysis, they used health

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What is medicine

Takeaway. Medicine is the field of health and healing. It includes nurses, doctors, and various specialists. It covers diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, medical research, and many

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Cloves: Health benefits and uses

Oral health Share on Pinterest Cloves are the dried flower buds from the clove tree. Researchers are studying clove oil as a natural method for maintaining oral health due to its effect on plaque

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Personal hygiene: Benefits, types, and routine

Share on Pinterest. Good personal hygiene can benefit both physical and mental health. Good personal hygiene involves keeping all parts of the external body clean and healthy. It is important for

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Cardiovascular disease: What level of physical activity is

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a broad term. As the National Institutes of Health (NIH) notes, CVD is any disease that impacts the heart or blood vessels, while heart disease includes disorders

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About Medical News Today

As an organization, MNT strives for a deeper understanding of health. Medical News Today, part of Red Ventures, is one of the fastest growing health information sites in the United States. Every

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Severe COVID-19: 1 in 100 patients may have brain

There may also be long-term effects on mental health. A study published in May found that in the 6 months after recovering from COVID-19, 13% of participants received a first diagnosis of a

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Virus versus bacteria: Study discovers phage to fight

Nabeeh Hasan, Ph.D., a biomedical researcher at National Jewish Health with experience in phage therapy, told MNT that phage therapy was “an underutilized tool in our fight against harmful

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Public Health News from Medical News Today

What are the statistics for AIDS and HIV around the world? HIV is a major global public health issue. In 2020, almost 38 million people were living with the virus worldwide.

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Pumpkins: Health benefits and nutritional breakdown

However, the flesh of the pumpkin plant provides a range of health benefits outside of popular festivities. Pumpkin is a plump, nutritious orange vegetable, and a highly nutrient dense food.

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Is depression linked with social media use in adults

Survey questions included the nine-item Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) to assess for depressive symptoms. Questions examined whether participants had “little interest or pleasure in doing

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How often should a man ejaculate

Frequently releasing sperm may have many health benefits and effects on the body. Learn more here about how frequent or infrequent ejaculation affects sperm count and overall well-being.

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Health and voting: Exploring links between health and

Research suggests that the complex relationship between health and voting existed before COVID-19. Voting is the mainstay of a democratic society. It is the primary means for a population to show

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Barley: Nutrition, health benefits, and more

Barley is a whole grain and a rich source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Learn more about barley’s health benefits, and how to prepare and serve it, here.

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15 benefits of drinking water and other water facts

4. It boosts skin health and beauty. With dehydration, the skin can become more vulnerable to skin disorders and premature wrinkling. 5. It cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues

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Social media and mental health: Depression and

A 2019 study suggested that teenagers who use social media for more than 3 hours daily are more likely to experience mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, aggression, and antisocial

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How modern life affects our physical and mental health

“This is an important issue to study because mental health problems and social isolation are at epidemic levels among young adults,” …

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Social determinants of health: Definition, influence, outcomes

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines social determinants of health as “the conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live, and age, and the …

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A healthful diet: Factors, foods, and tips

A meta-analysis from 2016 looked at 45 different studies, concluding that a high intake of whole grains helps protect against many health conditions, with …

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Living space and health: Does urban design affect our health

Inequality. For Dr. McCay, an underlying issue in poor health associated with urban and housing design is wealth inequality. “Housing is inextricably linked to mental health and well-being, but

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What is obesity, and what causes it

Obesity is a condition that occurs when a person has excess weight or body fat that might affect their health. A doctor will usually suggest that a person has obesity if they have a high body mass

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How human health is 'intricately linked' to ocean health

The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface and is crucial not only for environmental health but also for the health of humans.. However, human actions have significantly damaged the health of

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Why do some people believe health misinformation

The phrase “ health misinformation ” refers to any health-related claim under the assumption of truth that is false based on current scientific consensus. It is …

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Too much sport 'may be bad for teens' health'

The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends that young people aged between 6 and 17 years carry out at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, equating to 7 hours a week.

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mHealth solutions: the future of health care

Medopad is a mobile health operating system (mHOS™) that provides software, security, data connectivity and more to a number of major National Health Service (NHS) hospitals in London, amongst

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Yogurt: Types, health benefits, and risks

Health benefits range from protecting against osteoporosis to relieving irritable bowel disease and aiding digestion, but these depend on the type of yogurt consumed.. Added sugar and processing

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Fatigue: Why am I so tired, and what can I do about it

Eating a healthful diet and getting regular physical activity can help reduce fatigue for many people. Treating the underlying cause of fatigue, whether this is …

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How does celibacy affect your health

Cuddling, kissing, affectionate gestures, and opening up to one another can improve the health of a relationship, regardless of whether it involves sexual activity. Celibacy and …

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Capsicum (peppers): Health benefits and nutrition

A current global health challenge is the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. In these infections, bacteria mutate in a way …

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What are the 5 best hobbies for a health boost

Dancing has a whole range of health benefits and it is an easy and accessible way to exercise for most people. Think about it: you don’t need a lot of equipment to dance – …

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Naturopathy: Definition, uses, and benefits

Naturopathy is a type of alternative medicine that focuses on providing a holistic approach to treating health problems. Naturopathy encourages natural healing.

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Fitness: Definition, factors, and types

Over time, this improvement increases endurance and overall health. Health benefits of cardiorespiratory fitness. Cardiorespiratory fitness can help reduce the risk of conditions including: heart

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