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Category: Health Library. Nasopharyngeal Cancer. Dec 10, 2021 Donald Lynch Health Library. Nasopharyngeal cancer is the commonest and deadliest form of this disease The term "nose cancer" refers to the portion of the pharynx that extends from the nose to the windpipe.

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May 18, 2021 Donald Lynch Health Library. The inflammation of fat tissue is part of a spiraling series of events that leads to the development of type 2 diabetes in some obese people. But researchers have not understood what triggers the inflammation, or why. Overfed adipocytes produce MHCII, a complex of proteins normally produced during

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How to Recognize the Heavy Period Signs

Being overweight during your period can often be a sign of another health problem, such as endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome. If your periods last longer than usual and are heavier than usual, you may have an ovary. Women whose ovaries produce too many hormones are more likely to have heavy periods. For this reason, some doctors

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Diverticulosis and Surgery

About 40% develop diverticulitis by middle age; men and women suffer the same. Nearly one third of all people with diverticular disorder will develop diverticular bleeding (a complication of diverticulosis and is more common in women), and 30% will eventually develop diverticulitis (a more serious form of diverticulitis). Diverticula are large, flat pockets …

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Gilbert Symptoms

However, if bilirubin production is excessive, symptoms will appear. Other Gilbert symptoms include puffy eyes and a yellow or white coating on the cheek. Some people who developed Gilbert's symptoms are known to experience shortness of breath, vomiting, and diarrhea. The exact cause of this condition is still being studied.

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A Brief History Of Reiter's Syndrome

The bone marrow is an extremely important part of bone health and cannot be replaced by cells that do not exist in bone. When it comes to treating Reiter's Syndrome, your doctor may decide that medications are needed to control pain and inflammation, but the treatment may not be based on the type of Reiter's Syndrome.

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What Are the Symptoms of a Spleen Problem

Aug 3, 2021 Donald Lynch Health Library. In the absence of a liver, the spleen is the main organ for filtering toxins from the body. When the spleen is not functioning properly, it can begin to remove healthy white blood cells from the bloodstream. This can cause: an increase in the risk of infection, a decrease in the number of red blood cells

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Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Dec 10, 2021 Donald Lynch Health Library. Nasopharyngeal cancer is the commonest and deadliest form of this disease . The term "nose cancer" refers to the portion of the pharynx that extends from the nose to the windpipe. It is an extremely dangerous type of lung cancer, which can often spread to other parts of the body, especially if it has

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How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help Prevent and Treat Abscesses …

A skin abscess occurs as an inflamed, pus-filled mass under the epidermis. You might also experience other symptoms associated with an infection, including a fever and chills. It is harder to recognize an existing abscess in the body, however, as symptoms include: When to See Your Doctor – As with most other skin infections,…Read More

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What Are the Possible Causes of Bell Palsy

In some rare cases, other health problems such as stroke or epilepsy may be associated. Studies have found that the first two possible causes are most common, while only a very small percentage of cases have been linked to epilepsy. Other factors that may be linked to this disorder include low blood pressure, an abnormal growth of the brain, or

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Tips For Dealing With Itchy Throat

These seeds are available at health food stores and pharmacies. Applying a mixture of one tablespoon of apple vinegar and one-half cup of warm water to the throat once a day will help to reduce the symptoms of itchy throat. Mix this solution with olive oil and warm water and then massage onto the throat. This treatment should be repeated every

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How To Make A Good Definition Of A Cognitive Psychology …

Oct 28, 2021 Donald Lynch Health Library . There is an emerging consensus among those in the cognitive science field that a good, clear cognition definition is something that helps the reader understand the meaning of the words. The term may be explained with some examples, but it is also important to make sure that the reader can make their

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The Pcos Diet – Tips On How To Deal With The Pcos Symptoms

The Pcos Diet Plan consists of many different steps. The first one is a detoxification diet. This diet consists of a series of changes in your diet, which allow you to eliminate any impurities from your body and make your digestive system work better. It also helps increase your energy levels and make you feel much better.

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Possible Side Effects of Metamucil

Metamucil can help lower cholesterol when combined with a healthy diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. However, not all people are compatible with taking Metamucil. Before you take Metamucil, talk to your doctor to make sure that you're able to do it safely and effectively. Metamucil can also be used for other purposes…Read More

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