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01.08.22 Research finds systemic inequalities are driving disparities in regulation. 28.07.22 31,000 responses to English language consultation so far. 26.07.22 Our review of the year: progress made and work still to do. 21.07.22 NMC responds to Skills for …

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An introduction to fitness to practise

Our fitness to practise aims and objectives. Role of employers in managing concerns. What types of concerns we consider. Our core role is to regulate. One of the ways we do this is by investigating concerns about nurses, midwives and nursing associates – something that affects a tiny minority of professionals each year.

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Completing your application

Health. We need to know that people applying to join our register meet our health requirements to ensure they can practise safely and effectively. When completing your application you'll need to think about how any health conditions and/or disabilities you may have could affect your practice or place the safety of the people in your care at risk.

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New NMC standards shape the future of nursing for next …

The new standards will give nurses a greater understanding across all four fields of nursing practice, in particular mental health - while also increasing the emphasis on teamwork and leadership. Nurses will also have greater responsibilities in the area of public health and will be given the skills to train as prescribers immediately after

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Registration and qualification codes

RN4: Mental health nurse, level 2 RN6: Learning disabilities nurse, level 2 RN7: General nurse, level 2 RN9: Fever nurse, level 2. Midwives part of the register. RM: Midwife. Nursing associates part of the register. NAR: Nursing associate. Specialist community public health nursing part of the register. RHV: Health visitor HV: Health visitor

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Standards for competence for registered nurses

• mental health nursing. Although these are different fields of nursing, regist ered nurses will be expected to meet the essential mental and physical health needs of people of all ages and conditions including those needing end-of-life care. Some nurses qualify in multiple fields and so will be registered with us in more than one field.

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NMC launches new emotional support for nursing and midwifery

Health Minister, Nadine Dorries, said: "Fitness to practise proceedings can be emotionally draining for the patients and families involved, but also the clinicians – facing one of the hardest and most mentally draining periods of their career. Opening the doors for them to have round-the-clock access to specially trained counsellors is an

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Hearings July 2022

NMC, 2 Stratford Place, Montfichet Road, London, E20 1EJ. 04 Jul - 06 Jul. Stratford Hearing Room 2. West Yorkshire. FTPCSH. Misconduct. Striking …

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Person-centred care

In this animation we look at person-centred care. Kindness and respect mean different things to different people. That’s why it matters to be person-centred. Being person-centred means thinking about what makes each person unique, and doing everything you can to put their needs first. This animation supports nurses, midwives and nursing

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Standards of proficiency for specialist community public health …

These standards represent the knowledge, skills, and attributes all specialist community public health nurses (SCPHNs) must demonstrate. Our new standards of proficiency for specialist community public health nurses were approved by our Council at its meeting on 26 May 2022.. They have been updated to take into account the changes taking place in society and health …

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Blog: The three P's

We have such a great opportunity to make a difference in the world of health and social care, supporting nurses, midwives (and in England nursing associates) to provide better, safer care. In the coming year we will be developing our new organisational strategy for 2020 and beyond. Ensuring we end up with a strategic vision that inspires and

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Research finds systemic inequalities are driving disparities in

They also highlight where inequalities which cut across the health and social care sector and exist in wider society are contributing to the disparities we're seeing. Key findings. When we compared our fitness to practise referral rates with workforce diversity data, we found concerning results. For example, some employers refer more men and

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Community Mental Health Team

Ben wanted to understand more about his health, so she wanted to provide information in an accessible way to help him understand and make decisions about his health, life choices, illness, and care (proficiency 2.10). She shared some of the findings from public health data; for example, people with severe mental illness (SMI) like Bi-polar

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Blog: A nurse’s role in promoting health and preventing ill health

health and care services – maximising the quality of health and care services for the population. These strategies are very helpful resources for all of us. In Public Health England’s recently launched All Our Health strategy, you’ll find a wealth of evidence-based information about health improvement and illness prevention. They’ve

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