Homemade facial scrubs for aging skin

To make this scrub you have to take all above mentioned ingredients in a small bowl. And mix them all. This will make a paste. Now gently rub this paste on your clean face by using fingertips of your hand. Take care of your eyes properly while doing this. Rub it y=on your face for 15-20 minutes and then wash your face by the help of clean, cold

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Diet For Clear Skin in a week

Cottage Cheese is a low-fat dairy product and help to provide you nutrients like: -Vitamin D. – Calcium. -Vitamin A. Vitamin A stimulates the production of healthy skin cells. Thus it gives your skin a radiant & firm appearance. While probiotics hold over healthy gut microflora that may help to improve the digestion & give you a clearer skin.

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Meal Plan Archives

Weight gain meal plan for males must consider: To eat more often Drink sufficient milk Intake High protein shakes Add Creatine Meal Plan for Weight Gain Breakfast 6:00-7:00 AM…

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A Beauty Boosting Drink

If you are continuously having skin issues including acne, psoriasis etc, pay attention to your liver health. Whenever you eat or drink something unhealthy, for so long, toxins from your food affect your liver. So, ths detox water is the best way to clear out all toxins from your body. In this way, this beauty boosting drink promotes healthy

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Meal Plan for Healthy Skin

Supper. 1 glass milk. 5 almonds. 3 dates. Drink 8-10 glasses of detox water (lemon & cucumber infused water) daily!

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Home remedies for stretch marks

Stretch marks may appear on your skin when the shape of your skin changes speedily because of weight gain & growth. They don’t indicate any health issue, this is just your skin’s condition that happens because of rapid growth or weight gain. Not just women, men can also develop stretch marks.

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History of scid: David Vetter living with scid

Story. Riz Khan October 20, 2020. David, lived in a plastic bubble, for twelve years. At the time of his birth, he was diagnosed with SCID, said to be as severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome. This is a rarest syndrome which may result in frequent infections. David was a newborn baby. So, according to his doctors, bone marrow transplant was

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What your acne is telling you

Upper Forehead. Your upper forehead represents the health of your digestive system, large intestines & bladder. If you are getting too much acne breakout on your upper forehead then this may indicate the build-up of toxins in your digestive system. Or your digestive system is not working properly (having difficulty in breakdown of food).

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Different types of vitamin C in Skincare

L-Ascorbic Acid. This is the most pure & natural form of vitamin C and considered one of the most effective & beneficial forms of vitamin C present in your skincare products. But you need to keep in mind that this form of vitamin C is less stable than other forms. In some sensitive cases it may cause skin irritation, specifically when you are

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Dermatologist skin care tips for acne

That will dramatically improve your skin health. When your skin is hydrated enough then you will never see excessive oil on your face. Presence of oil on your skin clog & infect your skin’s pores and lead to produce blemishes. Detox Water. Detox water (lemon & cucumber infused water) is the most powerful thing that can help you to get ride of

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Squats For weight loss

Weight loss. Squats may prove really helpful for the weight loss but for this purpose you have to do it daily at regular basis. That will never give you instant & magical result but with the passage of time you will notice your results.

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Skin Care Archives

A Beauty Boosting Drink; Do you think washing your face is the easiest part of your skincare routine? Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin; How to use vitamin C products?

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Can you read the ingredients list of your skincare products

Walnut shell powder; Colloidal oatmeal; Jojoba pearls; Rice bran beads . 4. Emulsifiers . Next class of ingredients we have is emulsifiers. Emulsifiers suspend and hold water & oil really close together.

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Weight gain meal plan for males

Pre-Workout Meal. 4 slice of bread with peanut butter . Post-Workout Meal. High protein shake or 2 boiled potatoes + 6 boiled egg; white+ 2 …

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