When should children take worm medicine

Worms are a type of parasite that lives in the intestinal tract of humans. All subjects can be infected with worms and the rate is often high in young children. The reason is that children often play with the ground and scratch their anus, so it is easy to get infected with pinworms. So when is the most appropriate time for children to take worm medicine?

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Does tooth extraction for braces have any effect

As mentioned above, tooth extraction before braces does not affect health and is not dangerous. In fact, this is just a simple technique in medicine, it only takes about 5-10 minutes for one tooth. Extraction of teeth before braces is necessary to create space in the jaw. That way, with braces, wires or trays, the roots and crowns of the new

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What medicine do people with dengue fever take

News Health News General health check. What medicine do people with dengue fever take? Share: Dengue fever should take what medicine? This is a question many people are interested in because this disease has no specific treatment, but can only relieve symptoms. Dengue fever is spread by mosquitoes, which usually bite people in the early morning

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How to fix dry skin at the age of 25

Question Hello doctor, I am 25 years old this year but my skin has aging phenomenon since 2 years ago because my skin is very dry and wrinkled. The eyes, forehead and sides of the nose are dark and feel very dry with no smoothness because …

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What is acne and why is it difficult to treat

Acne on the nose, cheeks or chin often forms, progresses in 3 stages: Stage 1: Acne on the skin is attacked by bacteria, turning into pustules. Small acne spots, not clearly identified Stage 2: Acne begins to swell, forming a nucleus containing white or yellow pus.

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Soft tissue skin infections in patients with diabetes Vinmec

Diabetes causes many dangerous complications for patients if not strictly controlled. Partly caused by diabetes, the body's resistance is reduced, the likelihood of infection is high, in which the patient may have skin infections, soft tissue inflammation. In addition, the use of drugs to treat diabetes also affects the skin.

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Osteoarthritis, a common disease in the elderly Vinmec

News Health News. Osteoarthritis, a common disease in the elderly Share: Osteoarthritis is very common in the elderly. This is the aging phenomenon of cartilage in joints, like other parts of the body, gradually increasing over time. From the age of …

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What is pulmonary coagulation and how is it treated

Pulmonary coagulation syndrome is one of the most common lung diseases and can leave many dangerous complications. Depending on the cause of the thickened lung, there will be an appropriate treatment for the patient.

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Candidiasis mucositis: causes, diagnosis and treatment Vinmec

Candida fungi can cause disease at different ages and in both sexes. It often occurs in people with risk factors such as diabetes, dry mouth, increased sweating, use of corticosteroids and broad-spectrum antibiotics, or immunocompromise, including HIV/AIDS infection.

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Vitamin C in Dermatology Vinmec

In addition to the good effects of vitamin C such as strengthening immunity, preventing infections, good for eyes, vitamin C also brings benefits to the skin such as: Preventing wrinkles, exfoliating dead cells, treating dark spots. melasma, skin whitening,

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Brain stroke and what you need to know Vinmec

Currently, hospitals The specialist has modern diagnostic tools for diagnosis, has a specialist doctor -> accurately diagnoses an occlusion or rupture of a vessel in order to have drugs to treat clots or can intervene to stop bleeding at the ruptured vessel. and patients recover quickly 8) Prevention - Well control risk factors: treat blood

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How does melatonin affect sleep

Insomnia is a health problem that many people care about. Prolonged sleep deprivation affects the health and quality of life of patients. How to sleep well is something that everyone wants to know. To improve the quality of sleep, there are many ways, many different methods depending on the cause, severity of illness, accompanying symptoms of

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Is swing exercise good

Bracelet is a fairly simple exercise to help the body toned and stronger. In addition, this exercise also makes the joints in the hips and spine work well, limiting the symptoms of degenerative joints and vertebrae later. However, there is also information that swing exercises are harmful. So is it good to shake the ring, is it bad to shake it?

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Penile retraction: recognition and treatment Vinmec

Penile entrapment is a birth defect that can be seen at birth. However, the reality shows that many cases are detected very late, due to confusion with the manifestation of foreskin stenosis and lack of parental attention. Penile burying should be treated …

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Corona virus on fabric surfaces: What you should know Vinmec

News Health News General health check. Corona virus on fabric surfaces: What you should know Share: Every day, people have a lot of activities that need to be in contact with fabric surfaces. Many people worry whether the fabric surface is an environment where corona virus can exist and cause infection? 1. The ability of corona virus to infect

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Medical abortion: What you need to know Vinmec

The patient will be asked some questions about their own health, about their family background, and you must confirm your decision one last time. Patients will be heard about the procedure as well as advice on post-implantation body care and future contraception. The patient will have to undergo a number of tests and ultrasounds.

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Early recognition of food allergy symptoms Vinmec

Food allergy is a fairly common condition caused by the immune system misidentifying certain proteins in foods. In fact, it affects about 5% of adults and 8% of children, and these rates are still growing. Therefore, early recognition of the symptoms of an allergic reaction will help the patient to avoid health risks.

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Acne treatment with Nano Skin technology: What you need to know

Acne on the skin is a concern of many adults. Sometimes after applying many different methods, acne still grows more and more on the skin, causing continuous irritation and leaving dark scars afterwards. With advances in medical technology, acne treatment with Nano Skin technology is being gradually implemented, bringing positive results and a good sign for people with acne.

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How long after giving birth can gynecological medicine be placed

During normal delivery, the wound and the discharge from the uterus and vagina are susceptible to infection and must be treated with medication. In this case, many women worry about how long after giving birth, they can order gynecological drugs?

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HCV and primary liver cancer Vinmec

On October 5, 2020, a three-person research team (Harvey Alter, Charles Rice from USA, Michael Houghton from UK, now living in Canada) was awarded the Nobel Prize in Biomedical Sciences for the discovery of Hepatitis C Virus. HCV detection saves millions of lives on earth every year, increases screening standards in blood donation and blood transfusion, helps …

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Signs of narrowing of the foreskin in children Vinmec

If there is no timely intervention, stenosis in children can leave unfortunate consequences on the health of children such as: 1.1 Balanitis When the foreskin is narrowed, the cells die and slough off. Under the foreskin layer of the foreskin combined with the residues in the process of urinating cannot escape, it will create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and cause inflammation

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Note when treating foreskin stenosis in adults Vinmec

3.1 Benefits of Adult Circumcision There is a lot of evidence that removing the foreskin offers many health benefits for men including: Reduced risk of urinary tract infections urology. Reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases in men. Protects men against penile cancer and reduces the risk of cervical cancer in female partners.

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Useful tips for clear skin Vinmec

To have clean and healthy skin, you need to know how to clean your skin, combined with building a healthy diet and scientific skin care. So in the daily skin care routine, what are the tips to keep the skin clean and healthy?

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Nutrition for patients after stroke Vinmec

In particular, this is a milk high in omega 3 that helps support heart health. Rice milk plays a role in reducing bad cholesterol in the blood thanks to its high carbohydrate content. Unsweetened soy milk is low-fat, plant-based milk. Yogurt is a product derived from milk, which helps to lose weight, suitable for obese people who have a stroke.

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Identify the difference between angina attacks of each disease

News Health News. Identify the difference between angina attacks of each disease Share: The article was professionally consulted with Specialist Doctor II Le Dang Van - Cardiologist - Department of Medical Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital. Chest pain is a dangerous disease in humans with many

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Indication of Besins for pregnant women Vinmec

News Health News Obstetrics-Gynecology and Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) Indication of Besins for pregnant women Share: What is Besins? When to use Besins is a concern of many women. The drug is used to treat infections of the genital organs in women. However, this line of drugs is only used in cases where it is absolutely necessary

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How to treat teenage acne

Puberty acne is quite common. Therefore, now many people wonder how to treat acne during puberty effectively? According to Doctor Le Thi Thu Hang, Aesthetic and Dermatology Specialist, Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital, puberty acne is formed when sebum and excess oil proliferate on the skin and clog it. pores .

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How to prevent respiratory infections in children Vinmec

Simple measures can help prevent respiratory infections in young children, including: Stay up-to-date on all your child's respiratory vaccines. Evidence shows that children who get the flu vaccine during the current flu season who become infected with COVID-19 have fewer symptoms and more severe illness.

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What is a cleansing balm

Cleansing balm and facial cleanser both have a cleansing effect, removing dirt on the skin. However, cleansing balm is different from cleanser: Cleansing Balm has a thicker, almost thick texture. Because the texture of cleansing balms is too thick to fit in a jar, they are often stored in a jar, box or squeeze tube like an ice cream box.

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What to do before bed to reduce belly fat

1. How does sleeping position affect belly fat loss? Some notes on sleeping positions that can help improve belly fat are as follows: Do not sleep on your stomach: Because this is a position that can cause breathing disturbances, slow down the digestion of food. , accumulate fat and strain the lower back muscles. In addition, lying on the stomach also causes an overload for …

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What are the effects of basil leaves

Basil leaves have long been recognized by folk as a male medicine with miraculous effects. With the ancient remedies, the use of basil leaves in the treatment of colds, coughs, diarrhea, are applied to treat diseases. So what are the effects of basil leaves? The following article will help people better understand thyme as well as its effects.

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Diabetics should eat peanuts

For all the benefits that peanuts can provide for health as well as for the management of type 2 diabetes, we recommend caution with some of the benefits provided by peanuts if consumed. people with type 2 diabetes. Omega 6 fatty acids Peanuts contain more omega-6 fatty acids than other nuts. Taking too much omega-6 can be associated with

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What is the name of the mosquito that transmits dengue fever

As mentioned above, the causative agent of dengue fever is the dengue virus, which is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. This mosquito is dark black, with white spots on the trunk and legs, and is most active during the day, from about 2 hours after sunrise until about a few hours before sunset.

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Reasons why your skin care isn't working Vinmec

If you're trying to improve the health of your skin but it's not working even though you've tried many products and methods, then you need to rethink your products. Possible causes of your skin care not working could be the active ingredients or the method of preservation . 1. The reason why skin care is not effective can be due to active

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After giving birth, allergic urticaria Vinmec

Currently, some women after giving birth have allergic urticaria and this phenomenon has affected health, quality of life as well as making women feel very uncomfortable in daily life. The cause of postpartum urticaria is thought to be due to many factors affecting hormonal changes and needs to be thoroughly investigated to have an effective treatment.

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What is 3rd degree anaphylaxis

The Ministry of Health divides anaphylaxis into 4 levels based on clinical manifestations, in which, grade 3 anaphylaxis is a severe shock reaction in multiple organs with the following symptoms: Circulatory: Shock, low blood pressure, pulse is usually fast, small, difficult to catch. Hissing sound in the larynx or laryngeal edema.

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